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Now Your Business Card Can Set Appointments


What does your standard business card do for you? Sure, you can hand it off to a client in a meeting and hope they give you a call, but really, that’s all a business card does, isn’t it?

Not anymore. Your BitSignal digital business card is not only the most efficient way for you to get your information to your clients but now, it can help set appointments for you too. When you enable scheduling, clients with access to your card can schedule appointments with you right then and there, without the days of waiting and hoping they didn’t lose your card.

You are now the owner of a business card so staggeringly futuristic that your inbox, your assistant, your whole network now live inside of it. It functions very simply; when a client wants to set up an appointment with you, all they need to do is click your Calendly link and set a time.

It’s hard to imagine a more efficient system for arranging meetings through a business card; they can set an appointment through the scheduling feature, or they can message you through BitSignal to inquire about setting up a meeting.

It’s that simple, I swear. There’s no reason not to upgrade your standard physical card; it’s cost-effective, optimized for both you and your clients’ convenience, and not to mention, cool.

Start the sign-up process now and begin wowing your clients with your BitSignal digital business card.