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Bet Your Business Card Can’t Do This

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The business card; a time-honored method of delivering your professional contact information to your clients. Traditionally, they can show off your name, phone number, place of work, email, etc. It used to be a great way to hand out impressions and meetings.

The operatives being: used to be.

Business cards are outdated. That may be harsh, but it’s true. Business cards are tied down by physicality; a business card connected to the internet is almost too good to be true.

But digital business cards are built for convenience, with both you and your clients in mind. Gone are the days of having to order new cards every time you get a new phone number or title. With a BitSignal digital business card, updating your information is just a few clicks away.

And the information on the card? It’s no longer tied to just a phone number or an email. How about links to your email, your socials, your website, a YouTube video, an online storefront, an app? It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Not to mention those days of waiting, hoping that the client you gave the business card will call to set up a meeting, are also over. When your client has access to your digital business card, they can message you or straight up schedule an appointment with you right then and there.

You don’t have to hand out cards anymore either. You can use an NFC card encoded with your digital business card, which will send your contact information directly to a client’s phone with a single tap. You can even take a QR code or custom link, add it to your email signature or social bios, and direct clients to your contact information from anywhere.

Business cards have simply been outclassed. There is nothing a standard business card can do that a digital card can’t do better.

It’s time to join the new age. Create your digital business card now, and show your clients that you’re ready to provide them with every convenience when working with you.